July 5, 2009

Lollalalalapaloooooooooooooooza....please someone give me tickets

Please? The line up this year is kick ass. And to celebrate my lameness and the fact that I am not cool enough to go I have compiled a list of bands I would go see if I had the opportunity....

1. Kings of Leon - They are modern rock royalty, so of course I'd be fighting to get to the main stage to see these guys.


2. The Killers - Sure, the lead singer is an egotistical prick, who compares his band to U2 and REM...so of course I'd want to see them in concert! Oh and their music isn't that bad either....


3. TV on the Radio - one of the best indie rock acts of the last five years.

4. Vampire Weekend - Gloriously over-hyped...but A-punk is such a crazy song, and the album might have been over-promoted but that doesn't mean it was bad.

5. The Decemberists - The soundtrack of my high school years, one of my favorite indie folk groups.

6. Neko Case - Its fitting that she would be listed right after The Decemberists, a great alternative indie country act.

7. Band of Horses - This band has an epic sound, its classic and timeless, like a good pair of jeans its something you can listen to for years and it will always be in style.

8. Of Montreal - Indie royalty, you must pay tribute and show respect.

9. Arctic Monkeys - I believe that I have both of their albums completed uploaded to my mp3...every song is good.

10. Ben Folds - "Still Fighting It" is one of the best songs about growing up I've ever heard.


11. Fleet Foxes - Whenever I decide that I finally wanna pack up all my belongings and move to the Rockies this will be my soundtrack...

12. Silversun Pickups - orgasmic indie rock....

13. Kaiser Chiefs - Sure their last album was a disappointment, but it would be so cool to be in the crowd when they start singing "I Predict a Riot"....


14. Crystal Castles - Representing Toronto, pretty cool indietronica.

15. Santigold - One of the best albums from 2008 came from this woman, would be really cool to see her live.

16. Atmosphere - Great indie rapper, watch him do his thing

17. Cold War Kids - Another cool indie band


18. Lykke Li - her music is sweet and innocent at first but has the power to cut through you like a knife.

19. Peter Bjorn and John - I just want to hear them play "Young Folks"


20. The Raveonettes - I fell in love with them the first time I heard "Love in a Trashcan"

21. Ra Ra Riot - Someday this band will be as big as TV on the Radio and other indie royalty.

22. Los Campesinos! - How cool would it be to hear "You! Me! Dancing!" live?

23. Bat For Lashes - I already talked about my love affair with her last record, and I would definitely sell an organ or two to see her live.


24. Chairlift - I have always fantasized about becoming a hippie, I therefore would love to live vicariously through chairlift...by seeing them in concert. I have mentioned these guys in a previous blog post...check out my April posts.

25. The Knux - Already mentioned them a few days ago...but they seem like they would be pretty good live.

26. Ida Maria - Her album "Fortress Around My Heart" is pretty good, pick it up if you haven't already.


27. Manchester Orchestra - I have fantasized about blasting them in car while driving across the United States (no to mention that I have also mentioned them in one of my "Playlist" posts).

28. Constantines - Just a cool band with a cool sound.

29. Cage The Elephant - Yeah this is another good road trip band, I've also mentioned them before in the blog.

30. Sam Roberts Band - One of the hardest working bands out there, do them a favor and enjoy their performance, they travel to almost every major festival in North America as well as all the non-major ones.


31. Kid Cudi - I must admit radio ruined the appeal of the song Day n' Nite for me, but I also think I'm bitter because I found this guy first and I hate sharing...but there is plenty of him to go around and his other songs ain't too shabby either.

32. Rye Rye - M.I.A.'s protege and she bangs out some good tunes.

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