July 4, 2009

Guilty Pleasures List 4

Basshunter - "Dota" I have never played Dota or WOW (world of Warcraft) in fact I don't play video or computer games at all. My friend Shelly (who is an avid gamer) turned me on to this song, she'd be pleased to know I still listen to it. And yes I know there is an English version, but the Swedish version is so much nerdier, and therefore I like it better.

Wisin Y Yandel - "Sexy Movimento" most reggaeton sounds the same to me...but I still listen to most of it, and I love Wison Y Yandel...even if I hide their records from my friends and family in shame.


Ne-yo (featuring Utada Hikaru) - "Do You" I love Utada Hikaru's voice and it works so well with this remix. She out-sings Ne-yo, its too bad this version didn't get any radio play.

Lil Wayne - "Fireman" let me start by saying I hate Lil Wayne's new stuff, and no I don't think he's the greatest rapper alive....remember the Hot Boys people "drop it like its hot?" really? However, of course I have this song on my mp3 and yes I have "I Feel Like Dieing" and "Something You Forgot." And...I like Go DJ...I will go and bow my head in shame now.


+44 - "When Your Heart Stops Beating" The bastard Blink 182 child is not really my cup of tea, I never really was a Blink 182 fan either (but I do have a couple songs...we will reserve that for guilty pleasures list 5...). However, I love this song, even if that does put me in the same category with 14 year old mall punks with pink mohawks...so be it.


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