July 24, 2009

Where's The Best Place To Find New Music?

The Library!!!! Surprised? Don't be, most people don't even bother taking out CDs in the age of the Internet...so the library acquires them all. I have had really great experiences record hunting at my library downtown, they have a wide variety of albums to choose from and most of the CDs are in good condition. I have discovered obscure indie acts, rap groups, classic rock, classical, blues, jazz...you get the idea. Anyways I figure I'd share some of my better finds (and if you live in Buffalo the downtown library still has many of these records).

Paloalto - Heroes and Villains
I think I discovered this record when I was in ninth grade, the album cover looked intriguing, and it paid off, I listened to it non-stop for weeks.

South - From Here On In
This is one of my favorite indie albums of all time, and I found it at the library.

Jem - Finally Woken
A beautiful album, she has an amazing voice.

Nada Surf - Let Go
I discovered one of my favorite bands of all time at the library, and haven't stopped listening to them since.

Matsiyahu - No Place To Be
I had heard about this mythical Hasidic Jewish reggae artist before I found his album in the library, but hearing it for the first time made me an automatic fan.


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