July 31, 2009

Leave MJ Alone...Please?

The Source magazine debuted its new "Collector's Issue" for August...guess who's on the cover!
I was never the biggest MJ fan (and saying this now is probably worse than saying I kill kittens or something...and I love kittens...). However, don't you think his family has had enough? I know that the Source probably wants to talk about the upward trajectory and eventual fall of his music career but c'mon...can't we all just leave him alone and move on? Wait for "unreleased" Micheal Jackson material to be coming to a radio station near you, as well as surprise appearences of Micheal Jackson on rap hooks...once record companies get the rights to his songs you know it will happen. Hey, if Tupac and Biggie are still appearing on mixtapes and singles, MJ can't be far behind.

Another Blog wrote a similar older post called Michael Overload and can be accessed here.

1 comment:

  1. You can't blame the media for sensationalizing MJ's death (not that I'm defending this wrong act). He is the King of Pop, after all. But yeah, I guess everyone had enough of him already. :(