October 4, 2009

Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra and Other Korean Addictions

Another embarrassing k-pop confession...it's so Auto-Tuned and yet I am hooked. I have listened to this song at least five times within the span of an hour...ohhh boy. I have a problem.

Brave Brothers feat. Son Dambi and Minwoo - Invisible
Another class track produced by the Brave Brothers and featuring Son Dambi...

Jiggy Fellaz, Double Trouble and Vasco - Yo Ye Yo
It's Korean rap.


  1. I must say, that Brown Eyes Girl song is quite catchy. But...I've heard good things about them (I thought they could sing and I know that they're popular).
    But...they're concept now is interesting. I thought they used to be "innocent" but I see they've "matured" now. I felt that a lot of the MV was...."fanservice" to the boys. :P

    I've told you my thoughts on the 2nd.

    The rap...it felt kinda happy for some reason. Though, i felt the pugs were getting annoyed (though, pug faces always seem so gloomy...)

  2. Alright.

    I went on youtube to check out the MV for the Brown Eyed Girls Song.

    And found a parody. With 2am (you know them right? other half of 2pm. JYP company).


    You will either be laughing or gaping. Probably both.
    And read the new "lyrics."


  3. I loved Abracadabra so much... but now I can't listen without laughing. Thank you so much Dirty Eyed Girls.

    I hated invisible.

    As for Yo Ye Yo meh until I get a translation.