January 1, 2010

January Playlist

Welcome to 2010!!! this was the hardest month playlist I have had to do yet because not only do I have to pick songs for the month, but also for the year (up to a point) we have 12 months to see how 2010 unfolds.

Delerium feat Kreesha Turner - Dust in Gravity
Delerium is a Vancouver based band founded in 1987 that has gone through many transitions musically. What i like about them is they love to experiment whether it's with electronica, shoegaze, industrial soul or funk they constantly evolve. This song features a Canadian soul/RnB singer Kreesha Turner who sites her main influences as Erkah Badu, common, A tribe Called Quest and so on, I think she has a really wonderful raspy voice with a ton of character.

Hadouken! - Turn The Lights Out
Dance punk from the UK with a darker sound than most indie kids here are used to (The Rapture etc) it has made big waves in the UK in the last three years and 2010 it may just try to cross the Atlantic.

Check out older Hadouken! this song took a lot of heat because they basically made fun of indies/scenesters

G Dragon, CL, Teddy - The Leaders
CNN has just named the Wonder Girls as one of the groups to watch in 2010, Rain starred in the movie Ninja Assassin and Boa, and Se7en both tried to break into the market in 2009. In 2010 Son Dambi may be featured in an American movie and if all this is happening who knows? Maybe a k-pop artist or two could end up gracing the US charts in the next decade. G Dragon, CL and Teddy definitely are "the leaders" on the k pop charts at the moment

Nneka - Uncomfortable Truth
I am in love with Nneka she is edgy like and makes kick ass songs. This may just be her year.

Alonzo - Je Suis le Quartier
I dig the aggressive nature of French gangster rap and it keeps getting better.

Hot Chip - One life stand
Yes! Hot Chip is back! Am I the only one excited about this?

Skillz - GangStarr
This tune is from 4 years ago but Skillz has been in the game for a long time and may just crack the mainstream this year. 2009 was the year of the hip hop underdog maybe 2010 will continue the trend.

Why? - This Blackest Purse
My friend Jenny insisted I check these guys out MONTHS ago and then my friend Darien posted them on his music blog. these guys are good!
Check out Jenny's and Darien's blogs as well:
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Wolf Parade - Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungary Ghosts
What weirdos, and I dig them!

The Submarines - You Me and the Bourgeoisie
A bit older again I must admit, but i believe they have a new album coming out this year, and they just may expand their fan base...


  1. No, you're not the only one excited about Hot Chip! I don't understand how people can't be looking forward to it because "One Life Stand" is great!


  2. im calling kesha! she's a new artist that just came out, (i just got her debut album) i think she's going to be popular this year. if only to burn out the next.