January 15, 2010


A few months ago I wrote a post titled TheMusicGeek Blogs for Charities, which explained why I had recently posted advertisements on my blog. Originally I was going to donate all the money I made from AdSense to organizations that built schools for girls in third world countries. However, due to the recent events in Haiti I have decided that I will be donating all my AdSense money to Partners in Health. Partners in Health is a health organization run by Dr Paul Farmer an MD PhD (PhD is in Anthropology) providing medical care to the people of Haiti as well as several other nations. So far I have made close to 11 dollars this year on my account, so when I "cash" the cheque (it's better to send cash apparently so that people can use the money on the spot) I will be sure to also write a post confirming that I sent it in.

You can check out The Partners in Health website HERE to learn more about what they do, their mission and the services they provide.

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