January 7, 2010

Guilty Pleasures List 11

Girls Aloud - Call The Shots
they are no strangers to this list...and there is good reason. they make super catchy songs that I can only listen to in my basement with headphones on and the shades drawn. They are pretty lame...especially since I profess to having stellar "taste."

Lee Hyori - 10 Minutes
Just listening to her pronounce 'ten minutes" is painful (I didn't realize she was speaking in English in this song AT ALL until recently) however I still remain an avid Lee Hyori fan...I'm not THAT ashamed...she's pretty gangster.

Jewelry - One More Time anddd Everybody Shhh
I think my shame for listening to this group stems from the fact that they can't even "pronounce" their name correctly...just listen to them on Vari2ty "we are Joool-er-eeee" yikes. But I still listen to them so I don't know what's worse the fact that they can't pronounce their own name or the fact that I actually listen to them and openly admit to it over the web. I always find it amusing when K-pop groups integrate English words in their songs that have NOTHING to do with the overall concept of the songs and Jewelry is on of the worst offenders.

4minute - Hot Issue
Fine....I know I wrote a post a few months ago titled "4minute the 2NE1 Rip Offs" and I still feel as though they do still steal a lot of their style from 2NE1 but this song is too catchy. I cave, and you have to dig the "gang hand sign" they do when they count down to "4minute guuuurl!" it's pretty hardcore. oh and remember it's not 4minutes...because that would actually semi make sense it's 4minte! I also just realized that there are more than 4 members in 4minute so shouldn't it be called 5minute or something? I really do want to know how these Korean Music Companies pick their names.

HyunA - Change
HyunA is part of the girl group 4minute (see above) and has recently debuted her first track as a solo artist and it's pretty catchy as well...now hopefully you don't mind if I bow my head in shame.

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