January 22, 2010

The Cribs Concert

So I figured I should give you the low down on the concert...I mean since I went and all.

You would be surprised at how many British Ex-pats and Brits living abroad show up to these things, especially from Manchester (not sure why though The Cribs are from Yorkshire). They treat Cribs concerts just like they treat their Manchester United Football games, with lots of booze, swearing "C'mon lads put the FOCKING Cribs on!!" whipping around Manchester United scarves and brawling of course.

The first opening act The Dead Trees (a punk band stationed in Los Angeles) didn't make much of an impression on the crowd partially because the lead singer was too drunk to have much enthusiasm (towards the end he was wobbling around so much I was afraid he would fall on me) and also because none of the band members showed much appreciation for hygiene. The drummer was the only one who looked focused (but he was a little TOO focused on whatever little green men he was picturing while bashing on his drum set...) although it was VERY clear that he was on something besides alcohol because his eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head.

The second opening act was none other than Adam Green (with The Dead Trees on instrumentals --they were all pretty out of it though). Adam Green is known for acting strangely and last Friday night was no different. Whatever the drummer from The Dead Trees was on, so was Adam and then some. After bursting out on the stage throwing his body in every direction (he was wearing bell bottom jeans that were one size too small for him and a motorcycle jacket that was too short with nothing underneath...and he wasn't in shape) the audience finally got lively. Adam staged dived a couple times, attempted to dance and did a pretty good job of keeping all of us entertained but if you asked me if I remembered any of his songs...that's like asking if HE remembered any of his songs (he was pretty drugged up and hammered).

The Cribs gave a really really kick ass but still slightly disappointing performance (well at least for me). The crowd was amazing and everyone was pushing shoving and crowd surfing to get close to the stage. Apparently (well according to the Cribs's fan page on facebook) the Toronto show was the best concert they have performed thus far on this side of the Atlantic (glad I went). Of course they played "Cheat on Me" and other songs from their newest release, but when they started playing their older stuff (and yeah I was happy they performed "Hey Scenesters", "Our Bovine Republic" AND of course "Men's Needs") they never played "Don't You Wanna Be Relevant" or "Mirror Kisses!!!!!" I was kinda bummed but then again I guess when you are expected to play the SAME set of songs at every show it can get quite boring.

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