January 9, 2010

Frankie and the Heartstrings

Well NME likes them...I'm not too sure I do yet. However they aren't bad. I actually posted "Fragile" on a month playlist a while back (I forget which one...but I did!). So far "Fragile" remains the only song I like from them...


  1. Ah, they're from the same town as me! I think they sound way too much like the Futureheads which is a typical NE kinda sound - not really that keen on it myself!

    Scarlet x

  2. Really? What town are you from? and I actually like The Futureheads haha but I know what you mean NME likes quirky and hard to listen to =P

  3. The Rivmixx website has some of their downloads in their headlines section. Frankie will go massive this year.