January 8, 2010

Someone put out Lil Wayne's Fire....

I must confess I started listening to this with the full intention of mocking it, and boy did it deliver. It's not as Auto-Tuned as Flava Flav's newest dud but it comes close (from now on Flava Flav's song will be the paradigm for which all other Auto-Tuned songs will be compared and ranked). On the Auto-Tuned scale based on Flava Flav this is an 8...but what do expect you from Lil Wayne. I will say the song is not as horrible as prom queen mostly because on this track Lil Wayne goes back to mostly "talking" (I think someone told him to stop trying to sing) never mind the fact that the lyrics are shitty as all hell it's the instrumentals I'm interested in. I do not know who told him sampling video game music was a good idea but whoever did it was probably in the basement of some recording studio with Weezy after smoking a bit too much weed. Seriously man put down the bong...and the guitar.

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