January 7, 2010

Korean Music I Don't Consider a "Guilty Pleasure"

I know when I post K-pop or Korean music in general it tends to be stuff I'm embarrassed I like. I have made lists in the pasts including artists and songs I really like on a "higher" level however I figured it was a good idea to start a more comprehensive list.


This album is really solid and her voice is superb.

Epik High
I've included these guys before on one or two other lists and you have to respect Epik High for their creative musical arrangements and introspective lyrics I mean even Daft Punk likes them...

Another experimental Korean electro-pop making waves abroad and for good reason...they're really good.

They are uber weird Korean indie pop hipsters and I like them a lot. I've posted their stuff before.

The Black Skirts
Korean indie rock! And it's pretty damn good.

If Korea has a version of brit pop Nell would be at the top of the list of "examples."

More indie Korean electro pop a bit too cutesy for me at first but it grew on me.

Awesome girl fronted Korean rock introduced to me by my friend Emily.

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