January 8, 2010


Americans have a supperiority complex towards our brand of hip hop because we essentially "invented it." However this mentallity also makes us quite closed minded and although underground hip hop is making a huge comeback in this country (as I kept saying throughout 2009) we shouldn't ignore how awesome hip hop has become abroad especially in the UK. A while ago I made a list of UK hip hop artists worth taking note of, well you can add Giggs to that list.


  1. This made me giggle.
    something about "in the drawer with the socks" and "I smoke weed while sippin' on a budweiser".
    Its so typical Brit. WAAAYY more mellow than Americans.
    Have you ever seen that Family Guy segment on British porn? This song reminds me of it

  2. The UK's had a rich hip hop scene for a long, long time. It's crossing over into the mainstream, but this has typically been grime artists using a less aggressive and more commercial sound. Some see grime as hip hop and others don't... Either way, get yourself over here - http://ukallday.blogspot.com/