June 29, 2010

Grip Plyaz

There are a few rappers now a days with a sense of humor, and just like "hipsterdom' has infiltrated indie rock...it's doing the same to hip hop! On his track "fuck dat hipster shit" Grip Plyaz basically comes at everyone (that I also have to deal with on a regular basis) that name calls and uses the term "hipster" as derogatory towards anyone who participates in alternative culture...because seriously...we're not all hipsters...

haha tell em' brother!!!


1 comment:

  1. HA. Thanks for posting this. Grip Plyaz is from the same town as me, and I haven't heard him until your post. I think he's trying to poke fun at the Hip-Hop/Indie Rock mash up that seems to be emerging in Atlanta right now.