July 7, 2011

Video Fail of the Week

Occasionally, I post stuff that is so atrocious, and so uncomfortable to sit through...that it must be shared with everyone. Just like Flava Flav's delve into Auto-Tune, and Spencer Pratt's experiment with "ring tone rap" (those posts are golden by the way GOLDEN), I believe that we all need to give Courtney Stodden a try. I mean she is just a misunderstood sixteen year old girl...who is married to a creepy 51 year old man. Although to be honest she really doesn't look THAT sixteen...and although she really doesn't feign the fact that she can't sing (except for the REALLY painful to watch lip syncing portion) I think we can all safely say that I "won't put it on you girl if you steal my man" simply because YOU'RE MARRIED TO A FIFTY ONE YEAR OLD. Anyways Courtney just wants everyone to know that we shouldn't blame her for leading our guys astray...but believe me dude I really don't...oh and poor doggy...he looks the most uncomfortable of all.


  1. hahahahha oh dear that did improve my day! Love the blog, if you get a sec check out my new blog? http://everyday-perspectives.blogspot.com/

  2. This looks like the product of a roofie fuelled weekend packed with memories that only years of therapy will be able to salvage.

  3. hahahah I've stooped as low as "Perez Hilton .com" to figure out who this woman is, apparently she's married to someone from the cast of "Lost."