July 6, 2011

Walk the Moon

So I failed organic chem one. Well didn't fail...I got a B, but it's FAILING TO ME. As someone who has been spastic my entire life, anything less than an A makes me curl up into a ball and hyperventilate, which is why going to the University of Toronto was super duper fun...because I actually WAS failing classes there (but to be honest I really do miss it). Anyways now that I'm at Buffalo State, I feel as though I have to be perfect because I was a "screw up" for my first two years of uni, and no it wasn't due to partying or binging on ridiculous amounts of alcohol...just google UofT and you will understand (read the student reviews...buhahaha)3-am Friday night library study parties were da bomb. Anyways having anxiety disorders are tons of fun, you don't want to check your grades, even if they are As...you don't want to go outside, you stare down cars that pass you on the street, you think everyone on the Elmwood strip is staring at you...but to be fair they ARE. I don't give into my anxiety too often, but my grades are one of the few times I can let it consume and ruin my day. Anyways music can be really therapeutic, and this band makes feel good tunes, that I can jam out to, and calm down to! I have been listening to 'Anna Sun' for a few weeks and it's pretty addicting...even if it does have a slight "MTV emo" thing going on...it's very subtle. Anyways they make some super duper likable songs, I suggest you do yourselves a favor and click the youtube videos!

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