July 20, 2011

New Bloc Party Music? Maybe...Sorta...Sometime?

So NME recently posted this video of Kele at a festival in the UK with the title "Kele Okereke Promises New Bloc Party Material." Before watching the video I was all "OH MY GOD." Then after I was still all "OH MY GOD" but a little less elated as Kele only hinted at new music you know sometime, whenever, I mean he really likes music, he's at a music festival, you know he may perhaps maybe in the near future makes some you know music stuff. But the thing is even though NME posted it with the title "Bloc Party" remember Kele also has a solo project...and he never specifically mentioned "Bloc Party" in the video. But being as obsessive as I am I will take any sliver of hope I can get. I really really really want to hear a new Bloc Party album. Never mind the fact that I had an extremely creepy demented crush on Kele when I was 16....but they are finally producing new music!!! Finally...now I can stop sleeping with my Bloc Party shirt and playing all their albums in sequence on my mp3 over and over and over again...I don't really sleep with my Bloc party shirt...

It has a huge coffee stain on the front that I can't remove...I still wear it though, and then feel bad about it after, since the stain is sorta un-strategically placed across my bust line...a huge brown stain...

I do play all the albums in sequence though...and then jump around my house when no one is home.

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