July 27, 2011

Sixteen Year Old Me (Way cooler than sixteen year old you) Playlist

As I sit here typing this I am full of mixed feelings...I have lots of serious thoughts that I feel I can only express online such as, on the one had it's after one here so I should be going to bed...but I'm hungry and all we have in my fridge is rye bread and a strange noodle-hamburger thing that I already warmed up and scarfed down earlier...and eh it was barely edible, and I only have a bike for transport, and my front and back lights keep falling off and my breaks keep slipping...so there is no way to get more food...I am going to have to survive for the night on rye bread and string cheese. Great.

But then another thought comes to mind, through the hunger and the boredom...and the hunger I HATE GERMAN RYE BREAD IT'S FUCKING CARDBOARD IN A BAG. But yes another comes to mind and that thought is "GOD DAMN IT I WAS SO MUCH COOLER THAN EVERYONE ELSE IN HIGH SCHOOL." That's fucking right after trolling on the interweb all night feeling hungry and alone that is my epiphany, never mind that I wore pig tails until I was sixteen! (because seriously I did...TMI?) Never mind that I still thought Elijah Wood from Lord of the Rings was hot...again...TMI? I HAD A BETTER RECORD COLLECTION THAN ALL YOU SUCKERS!!!! Thus by default this automatically makes me better, cooler and just an all around better human being. And no I will not DJ the high school reunion party because I'M NOT GOING...just like I didn't go to prom, class day, or....graduation...yeah I skipped my own graduation...for a trip to EUROPE! Fine I have proven my point...not really, I don't actually think anyone noticed I was gone...my finger at the "man" "society" ahem high school kinda went unnoticed...but hell, at least I had a kickass playlist, let's begin.

The Caesars - Jerk it Out
Only the best dance song from the mid 2000s ever! Never mind that the rest of the album sucked...because seriously it did...I think I can at least admit that to myself now...but how the hell can you not like this song? Because seriously 16 year old me and 21 year old me agree...you can't.

The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You
For some reason I wanted to be the person in this song when I was 16 so arsty so "bohemian like you" yeah...it took me wayyyy too long to realize they were mocking her. But whatever this song alone justified my coolness...pigtails and sexless life and all...and staying home on the weekends...pssssh Who needs parties and sex when you have THIS record...

Robyn - Handle Me
THAT'S RIGHT BITCHES! SHE'S MINEEE! Yeah I was listening to her when I was 16...HA...it's too bad that indie cred isn't really worth anything anymore...I feel like "prehistoric emo kid" on yourscenesucks.com

Nada Surf - Always Love
Still one of my favorite songs from all time...totally underrated band.

Bloc Party - Helicopter

Obviously I was listening to this before you...obviously...it's too bad self gratification isn't so gratifying...why do I have a god damn blog in the first place...but yeah...DIBS.

Matt Pond PA - Summer is Coming
I used to play this in my room, and pretend my life was like one of those pathetic teenage soap operas on the WB...if only I knew that everyone who was on Veronica Mars that played a teenager wasn't actually a teenager. I would of saved myself a lot of staring in the mirror and being confused.

Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag

I don't need to explain this song at all. Even if it was from the 90s...it spoke to me ok...

K-OS - Love Song
One of the most underrated rappers of all time? Um I think so,and oh yeah he's Canadian! What now Drake!? Actually they have performed together on multiple occasions

The Kooks - Naive
That's right only the coolest 16 year olds in 2005 listened to the Kooks...

The View - Same Jeans

Again, I was totally cooler than you, but it's ok, I could still fit into a girl's 14 jean size until I was 16...totally uncool...especially if you were desperate for 16 year old male attention and you had no ass...

The Faint - Worked up so Sexual

I have no idea how I didn't know this was about strippers...

Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch

I actually saw both (the faint) and Ladytron in concert a few years ago, and all my teenage dreams came true for like 5 hours. Magic.

There are tons more, from the first Arctic Monkeys album, to Spoon, to TV on the Radio...hell I built most of the staples of my music collection when I was sixteen...that's right when you were listening to "My Chemical Romance" and "Cute is What We Aim For" I had the track collections you never realized you wanted until you came to college with your terrible emo hair and Blink 182 posters!!! Well not you per say...I'm sure some of you were cool...I mean just as cool as me I'm assuming, cool enough to be terrified of alcohol and dance clubs until I was 19 (my dad once told me never to drink because I would get drunk and throw up and then start to dance and people would make fun of me...)

Anyways on that note, I'd be curious to know what music you (you as in anyone willing to leave a comment you) listened to when you were 16-17, and of course how much cooler you were than everyone else...always important...


  1. This pains me to do this, but MusicGeek I think I'm done with your newsletters. I normally dug getting your playlists & reading your thoughts on the bands associated with them, but this post was just so pretentious & mean-spirited that I cannot support you anymore. Regardless of whether or not you were hungry this was just not what I signed up for. Maybe bananas or apples should be on your next shopping list.

    FYI - I was living in NC when I was 16 (11 years ago) so I was listening to local Chapel Hill/Raleigh college punk & musicians that I stumbled upon, my friends had found, and from old cds and records my father had kept through his life.
    The Scaries, The Doors, Zeppelin, Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band, Bob Dylan, Woodie Guthrie, Slowdown Virginia (I Didn't get into Bright Eyes until Fevers and Mirrors), Weezer's Blue Album and Pinkerton (Weezer sucks dick now), Thelonious Monk, Fugazi, Charlie Mingus, Minor Threat, Gray Matter, MC5, The Locust, Sublime Bootlegs (And I didn't throw that in peoples faces b/c they weren't easy to get, I shared it with as many people as I could) D4, Squarepusher, Blind Melon, Chet Baker, Anti Flag, Biggy, Just Ice, Wu Tang, Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrane, The Pixies, Primus, Tool, SPAZZ, Barrington Levy, The Dead Boys, Dizzy Gillespie, GG Allin, New York Dolls, Choking Victim/Leftover Crack, TheDescendants, Op Ivy, Van Morrison, The Stones, G and Fuckin' R when they weren't complete dog shit & ripping off Tommy Hilfiger for millions by not releasing that turd of an album called Chinese Democracy for a decade, Edith Piaf, Apex Twin, and so on.

    Music is not a fucking contest & I don't ever want to hang around or associate with people who want to make it into one. The best part of it all, I could give a fuck what music people listen to because music in my opinion doesn't define a persons character and ultimately who they are, even though it can have a huge effect in shaping their lives.

    Good Luck to you & all your future endeavors. Peace.

  2. hey I'm sorry to hear this, for future reference, it was a joke, most of my posts are, I do not go around putting down other people's music.If you read between the lines, I was actually making fun of myself...but hey I understand, and it's cool, do whatever you want to do.