July 13, 2011

Hate Mail and NEW Erland and the Carnival.

Accccccckkkkkk thought I was done with talking about this! Guess not but I figured this would happen, first negative comment in months from an old post (Arctic Death Album Review):

"I wish there was a way to critique blogs in the same way you critique bands. At least with this one you tried somewhat hard to focus on the music they produce instead of...everything else about them. Congratulations on dressing like a hipster for oh so long and living in Toronto, the city that gave us Broken Social Scene, and just about nothing else worthwhile. I think I speak for most of Buffalo when I say that if you don't like it here, there are plenty of options for you to leave. Thousands of people do it every year, and it's pretty cheap. If you're going to stay, and especially if you're going to continue to write about music publicly, learn to do it without worrying about suburbs, mustaches and your own personal wardrobe. People are much more prone to accept criticism when it isn't preceded by senseless rants that have nothing to do with the actual subject. Thousands of people read Artvoice and Buffalo Rising. 30 people read yours. Figure it out."

Easier said than done buddy...believe me I'm jet setting out of Buffalo the moment I finish my degree, but I'm too practical to up and leave without it. And didn't I mention that I only get about 30 to 80 readers in the post? And yeah I have a small fan base, this is true...but hell you were kind enough to read and post a comment. The thing is, I really am indifferent to how many people read Buffalo Rising or ArtVoice, I don't have a blog to garner attention to the larger public that encompasses "the city of Buffalo" I have it for myself, so I can post stuff I like, stuff I don't, and occasionally rant about it. And I love ranting about things, no matter how "senseless" they may seem to you, its fucking therapeutic. To be honest your comment is a little validating, the fact that you took the time and energy to post it, is more of an ego boost than a deflation. The problem with Buffalo, is that Buffalonians are brain washed into thinking something is great because it came "from Buffalo" rather than actually being great. It's like the Emperor's New Clothes, you read an ArtVoice, or another publication, they laud a local act, it becomes popular simply because a major publication endorses it. I don't like Arctic Death, you do, awesome. Nothing wrong with that, it isn't like this post is obstructing their record sales, you're obviously buying their songs. I figured you went straight to those two posts without reading anything else which is ok, I see what is looked up on my site, and from what cities the traffic comes from. So I know where most Buffalonians go and what they read...and I'm sure this will give you further license to read and trash everything I post simply because I pointed it out. But I give you free range. Maybe next time, put your name.

I'll post more if they come, but to be honest I rather focus on music that I actually listen to.

Anyways moving on to a new song from Erland and the Carnival (really really awesome). I've dug them for awhile, but I still can't order their album with my gift card to Amazon.com from the states...tell someone to get on that!

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  1. Umm, someone just got served lol. I feel like I should finish writing that blog post for @Itsthemusicgeek before she turns her razor sharp pen on ME lol