July 18, 2011

The Knux feat Kid Cudi - Run

The Knux know how to blend rock and hip hop without it sounding like that terrible bastardized version from the 90s... and Kid Cudi is really good at the drugged out electronica hip hop thing, together they make one sweet track. Really awesome instrumentals really catchy hook, and it is definitely cheering me up after bombing an organic 2 test today...don't you just love when the entire test is stuff your professor de-emphasized in class...what the heck, as in why the HECK did you put the HECK REACTION on the exam as a 15 point question when you rushed through it and it doesn't appear in the textbook...AT ALL. Bahhhh I'm done. But hey at least I found an awesome song today...that makes up for well nothing, but it does cheer me up a bit...sorta

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