July 5, 2011


WOOT! ARE YOU EXCITED ITS JULY! ARE YOU!? Well I'm sort of neutral on the subject, given that I'm still in summer school, but I did have a kickass weekend, filled with drunken dancing and gay pride parades in Toronto and drunken Sunday night fourth of July fireworks bike rides. I needed a mini vaca, hence no blog posts for the last few days...but anyways here is the official July 2011 playlist!

Slow Club - Me and You

I have the ultimate authority on what is cool and what isn't, this power has been bestowed to me by hipster Jesus...and these guys are really cool, just so you know.

Wu Tang Clan - Laced Cheeba


Yawn - Toys


Dirty Vegas - Electric Love

A catchy electronica band that has a music video featuring Jena Malone? I'm down.

Reptar - Stuck In My ID

Does anyone want to place bets on how long till this shows up in a Gossip Girl episode? Because I am really sick of them ruining my favorite bands...and this has bad teen soap opera written alllll over it...I say that because it's ultra catchy, and danceable!!!

Yuna - Come As You Are

A REALLY good cover of the classic Nirvana song...dare I say even better than the original? You can now egg my house.

Dom - Living in America

Another song with GOSSIP GIRL written all over it...god I hate that show...but hell catchy catchy song.

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