July 20, 2011

The Game - Red Nation

So I finally got around to watch this, after googling the description I was actually expecting more media feedback about this track than I did. Everyone is being surprisingly mute...except of course The Game. Ok...so the Game is just confused, I mean he isn't really sure why this got banned from MTV or BET...it's not like "Red Nation" is SUPPOSED to be controversial, noooo you just have two rappers who have been associated with "gang culture" particularly the BLOODS rapping about a "red nation" in a music video with people wearing red bandanas. And with lines like "throw blood on the ground call me a blood hound" I can totally see why the Game would be baffled that this video in particular would make ANYONE think he was promoting a gang lifestyle...no way.

In all honesty even if this videos has nothing to do with "The Bloods" naming a hip hop track "red nation" and having two rappers rumored to be (at least in the very distant past) affiliated with The Bloods (I mean Wayne even has tear drops on his face...even though it has also been rumored that they both have lied about their "affiliations" to self promote) it's pretty easy to see why it would make media outlets wary. I mean I didn't even need to see the video before I got the association, all I heard was the name of the song and I assumed that it was about the Bloods, incorporate the word "blood" into the song I dunno AT EVERY CHORUS and what do you think we're all gonna think it's about????

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