June 16, 2011

Soulja Boi feat. Nicki Minaj...snore.

So yeah two rappers I can't stand. In one song. This is essentially a list of why their swag is sick, and how Soulja Boi is on "cloud nine above me" rhyming "hewey" with "dewey" and honestly there is really nothing of any sort of substance in this song. In fact this song is so bad it's impossible to make fun of. Yeah that's a first, its not even funny, it's just dumb, and unnecessary. It was sorta like why even make the song? Soulja Boi even sounds half assed in it...yeah I actually said that Soulja Boi sounds half assed, as if he didn't sound half assed enough in "kiss me through the phone" he actually sounds more bored and ass like now, almost like he has completely given up on his rapping career all together. Ah sweet sweet defeat.

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