June 1, 2011

THE BEST June Playlist EVER...maybe

So summer school officially started yesterday, I am taking 4 courses! I already feel like I'm setting myself up for a terrible sleep schedule. Given that all my peers and friends are graduating except for me, I'm feeling (or have been feeling) cranky and generally crappy. But I guess it's my fault for going away to an extremely prestigious university only to come home go to Buff State and completely switch majors from Molecular Biophysics to Chemistry and Fine Arts...yeah...I'm having a tad of a quarter life crisis. Or I have been in the midst of one for about 2 years. As of late I have been reading tons of self-help books (what color is your parachute is like my bible right now), and of course updating this blog in order to forget my own problems! I also love paging through the GRE book in my library so I can fool myself into thinking I am actually going to take it this summer...it gives me a sense of false hope. Anyways without further ado, this is the official June 2011 playlist! I put a TON of artists on here, just for you! Feel special it's long.

Oh Land - Sun of a Gun (Yuksek remix)

When I'm not freaking out about my future, I'm usually dancing erratically in my basement...this remix is perfect 'freak-out" dancing music.

The Vaccines - All in White

Yeah I know I posted this song before, rather recently actually. But it's so god damn good! Believe me it's been on replay on my computer forever...well forever being the three weeks since I posted it...

Dry The River - New Ceremony
Really pretty. Amazing song.

Plus I have the worst crush on the lead singer...he's so awkwardly cute!

Wolf Gang - Lions in Cages

I don't know if anyone remembers me posting him AGES ago (he has a ton of really awesome songs) This happens to be one of my favorites.

Champagne Riot - A friend of a Friend
Can I just say that Scandinavian music is awesome...especially in the past ten years! The talent coming from Norway-Sweden-Denmark-Finland has been been really incredible.

MillionYoung - Calrissian
Normally I am kinda apprehensive to really experimental electronic-y stuff (DUBSTEP) anything where I can't freaking understand what the guy is saying essentially. However Kitsune Maison mixtapes have changed my mind about many of these artists. And I actually like this guy.

At Swim Two Birds - In Bed With Your Best Friend
Disturbing, but great song.

Lucy Rose - Bikes

I keep finding these really awesome English folk rock artists...I don't know where they're all coming from...but hell at least they're coming from somewhere.

Liam Bailey - You Better Leave Me
SEXY SONG. That's all.


  1. What an amazing array of songs, great blog, I've been reading it for about two weeks now.

  2. Cool! I'm glad I have people who read my posts...it gives me the hope that I'm actually not just talking to myself through the internet =)