June 21, 2011

New 2NE1 music teaser...

You know what's even more fun than memorizing halogenation, and hydrogenation reaction mechanisms? By the way if you must know halogenation is the addition of a halogen like chlorine gas, or bromine to a unstaurated organic molecule like ethlyene and hydrogenation is the addition of hydrogen to an alkene by a platinum or palladium catalyst. See I can study...and blog...sorta...but guess which South Korean super group is releasing a song in three days! Why are all these things coming out while i need to study? Why do I constantly find myself blogging at odd hours of the night while I should be studying? And why do we need to use the convention of naming things R and S when we are talking about optically active isomers? Because seriously...I cannot properly number the functional groups and properly orient them if my life depended on it...which it kinda does.

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