June 28, 2011

The Ridiculous Rants of a 20-Something Woman Child, oh Yeah and Miles Kane

God fucking dammit. Why am I such a woman-child!? there I said it, as all my old classmates are getting engaged, getting jobs at Apple, going off to med school I am trapped taking back to back summer sessions of organic chemistry. And once more I'm stalking them on facebook, yes I have resorted to facebook stalking...you can now play the tiniest violin for me. I guess I just feel I need to have some sort of stability, I mean fuck I don't even have a car! I have a bike, and no I'm not one of those tools who rides around telling everyone how "I'm saving the world one less car at a time" I ride around on my tiny green bike because it's cheaper than taking the bus...the bike which almost killed me today I might add. Don't you love when your breaks stop working when you're trying to stop at a busy intersection while your commuting to school? And then getting lectured by the fat guy on the bike in front of you who you're TRYING TO AVOID with "honey take it easy you should slow down." I WAS FUCKING TRYING TO DO THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE...ok ok I'm fine, I'm calm...not really. I just feel as if I have to become more adult like somehow, I try I do, I'm in school non-stop, I'm trying to find another math tutoring job to pick up...but seriously how adult like can you really be when you still live with your parents and your a super senior in undergrad (I live at home to save money....tis true) my boyfriend keeps telling me to chill, it's a good thing I'm taking my time, when in reality I pace around my basement trying to drown out my own thoughts with my headphones...I also tend to dance like a gimp footed circus elephant in the basement...but that's another story. Every time I hear of someone else I know going to grad school I immediately run for the tub of ice cream in my fridge and go into total shut in mode...well not entirely but hell if there was a nuclear apocalypse I would be well stocked with ice cream, and big bang theory episodes. Hell maybe I'll just end up living in my basement...sorta like how the guys in the first Clerks were forever trapped in their jobs, you know the iconic movie that forever glorified the slacker and made Kevin Smith famous...but until then I'll just sit here eat ice cream and listen to Miles Kane over and over and over again...and over...but seriously Miles Kane is awesome...AWESOME.

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