June 26, 2011

J-Cole The Work Out...not working...

Ok so I tried to listen to it, he had so many people hating on it I at least had to try. I mean there were already countless blog posts and webcasts dissing it, I was just sorta confused. As someone who has been a J Cole fan from the get-go and respected him as a lyricist and musician..I just wanted to know from what dark part of music hell did this came from? I mean if this was Lil' Bow Wow's new track, Or Soulja Boi's (hell is would be a STEP UP for Soulja Boi) I wouldn't think anything of it, but J Cole? I'm wondering if this is the record label's idea of what will sell or his? When J Cole first dropped I said he was legit, the antithesis of Drake...I still believe all of this...I just think that he has to pull back to his roots...I mean as one person on youtube noted: "you know it's bad when the best part of the song is when he's singing." So very true.

New Song:

Old J. Cole:

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