June 2, 2011

Guilty Pleasures List 14

It seems that as soon as I start a new course/semester I revert back to K-pop...its catchy I don't know what they're saying...I don't mind shouting the lyrics in my basement...mostly because again, I don't know half the time what I'm saying. Anyways when it comes to most Korean music I have the taste of a 13 year old girl...but I've stated this before, I'm easily amused. And while I'm frantically searching for the "eutectic point" for a percent urea composition versus melting point graph as I am doing now...DAMN YOU WIKIPEDIA. I like simple songs that I don't have to think too hard about...and can pace frantically to when I'm frustrated.

Miss A - Bad Girl, Good Girl

They wear tight black clothing have bodies that I totally envy and prance around singing about how "you don't know them" so you should just "shut up." Plus the leader has pink hair...which I'm still on the fence about, I can't really decided if its cute or awful. I think I'll go with cute at the moment but it's 1 am...so...my decision making skills are impaired.

KARA - Jumping

They're jumping! And they made a song about it...along with a strange dance routine where none of them actually jump. god I love KARA if only for the weird song titles. I think this is the Japanese version...but they are a Korean girl group (there is also a Korean version).

KARA - Wanna
This was actually mashed up with a Rihanna song check out "I Wanna Rude Boy" (I will post that below too)anyways this is just so catchy...sorry. But I still don't understand the video...they sneak into the house of the guy the girl likes so they can break his leg? And then giggle about it?

2NE1 - Lonely

Probably my favorite Korean girl group ever and I normally don't put them on "guilty pleasures lists" mostly because their songs are wayyy too decent. But this on is sort of on the borderline. Anyways I can't hate on 2NE1...plus I realllly would love to steal one of those jackets they're wearing in the video...even though it would look absolutely ridiculous on me.

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