June 20, 2011

Another Weekend in the City

I feel betrayed by Bloc Party. Yes betrayed, because as Bloc Party's number one most important fan...I BOUGHT THAT 30 DOLLAR AMERICAN APPAREL T-SHIRT AT YOUR CONCERT DIDN'T I? DIDN'T I???? I thought that I owned every, LP, every EP, every mixtape and every remix-mix tape and remix to the remix tape...this is sadly not the case. I may own the Marshalls are Dead I may own Silent Alarm AND Silent Alarm remixed AND the special addition Japanese version of Silent Alarm, PLUS the "One More Chance" EP but no...one album has slipped passed me...hell I didn't even know it existed until today and it's called "Another Weekend in the City." It's B-sides from "A Weekend in the City" put together by fans. Now my life won't be complete until I own it. It's a minor obsession...

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