June 11, 2011


The lead singer sort of sounds like Ben Gibbard...you know before Death Cab sold out to the masses and I had to burn all my Death Cab for Cutie merch (at least I kept vowing to do it...vowing...but alas it's in a box in my closet, along with all their albums including Plans and Narrow Stairs)that was such a rough sophomore year. I felt as if my indie cred had been totally compromised, not that anyone ever really paid any attention to any of the bands I rattled off in my free time, I still felt it was a cross I had to bear. I had let everyone know that I was indier then they were all the time, it was my responsibility to impose my music taste on the world...unfortunately scribbling band names on all of your folders isn't exactly world domination, you just look really uncool. And then a magical thing happened my first university year, I started listening to K-pop and my entire world view was shattered. The end.

Anyways I like this song...so yeah you should too. obviously.

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