June 11, 2011

Kreayshawn Million Dollar Deal with Sony

Does anyone remember Kreayshawn? The white gurl rapper from Oakland who I was rather...confused about? So yeah 3 weeks after the video went viral for "Gucci Gucci" the "White Girl Mob" has signed a deal with Sony so now Kreayshawn really is "young rich and flashy." It took a lonnnnnnng time for me to realize that she was completely serious about being a rapper, and in that time-span I ended up playing "Gucci Gucci" at multiple intervals during the day. Singing it in my free time to everyone's subsequent embarrassment (mostly my own), cursing Kreayshawn for existing, and then replaying the song for the 50th time. So yes I've been obsessed...in a really freaky sorta fan girl way, but I didn't really start out liking Kreayshawn at all; I was initially just confused and a little...disturbed? Now "Gucci Gucci" has over 2 million hits on youtube and she has a million dollar record deal after one song? It seems a little impulsive to me. She has one hit (sorta) and a few other songs that came before "Gucci Gucci" that I have posted, but her career hasn't really had anytime to develop on it's own without the aid of a record label. I feel like she could either majorly flop and get dropped, end up as a "gimmick act" or get completely commercialized to the point where her songs fill a niche market. While Kreayshawn's first ep "bumpin bumpin" has been out for a while the 'gucci gucci' ep won't be released for another week or so...and no new material has been released. How can you sign someone on essentially two songs? However...she did direct her own music video...and regardless I still like the chick...and I'm still playing Gucci Gucci all the time...and singing it in my bathroom...and getting yelled at for singing it my bathroom...god damn it please make this pain stop.

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