June 30, 2011

Sophia Somajo....sorta new

I think I've mentioned before how under-rated i think she is, her debut album "laptop diaries" was fantastic...but her new stuff, I'm not too sure of. Some of my Asian friends were actually really offended by her song "Chinese Techno" I mean she literally says "honk tonk" and talks about noodles and chop sticks...yeah...to be honest I do like the beat, she composes some sick beats, but her voice is so distorted, and I know she can sing...I also admit that I can't listen to the song in full because of the perpetuation of "ethnic stereotypes" in the song...it makes me feel uncomfortable...Well listen for yourself:

But then there is Wristcutters...and that's actually pretty good, it reminds why I liked Sophia Somajo in the first place...

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