December 27, 2009

TheMusicGeek's Worst of 2009 List 2!!

YES!!! a second list! I thought there would only be one list I swear...but then I just kept thinking of songs I despised sooo much that I had to make a second list, and I can't promise you this will be the last one...

J Futuristic
I first mentioned this man in a post titled "J Futuristic, Chingy Called He Wants his Career Back" and I am ASHAMED I left this off the first list, it is THAT BAD. not only can I not under stand what he's saying at all between "Blurr name Last name blee blur blah SWAGG! Bleee Blur Blah BALL!" But the song has one of the dumbest titles (besides T.T Dance of course) out any song I've heard all year.

Justin Bieber
It's not that Justin has a bad voice...he doesn't at all (honestly) it's just that no matter how old he says he is this song will never be age appropriate for him mostly because he reminds me of the 4th chipmunk if there was a 4th chipmunk in Alvin and the chipmunks.

Is it just me or do you think they take themselves too seriously? Yeah the lyrics sure are "deep" I'm gonna go take a nap.

And the award for the least amount of talent and most obnoxious video goes to....


How could I neglect them? I have no idea...I don't even think I need to explain why they are on this list.

Spencer Pratt
Need I remind all of you that unfortunately Spencer Pratt DID make a music fact I wrote about it...unfortunately. Yes the flesh bearded one made a song...and oh he wants to be known as "Great White" now you know for "street cred" purposes.

Heidi Montag
And don't you think about me the way I think about you? No Heidi I'm sorry I don't...but you definitely are OVERDOSIN on something...lay off the white powder for awhile.

Nipsey Hussle
What do you get when you combine a Snoop Dog look alike with some pirated beats? My second least favorite rapper of 2009!

Yeah this is a fail.

Do you know why they're called Suckers? Cuz I even have to finish this joke...
if Homor Simpson moved to Williamsburg to start a band, and enlisted Moe and a bunch of his other hungover buddies they may sound like this.

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