December 9, 2009

TheMusicgeek's Best of the Year List 2

Frankmusik - Confusion Girl
Never mind the fact that I want to marry this man...please call me? But his debut album and this track are class all the way.

Girls Generation - Gee
You may laugh at me...but this is one of the best pop songs I have heard in a while...ignore the cutesy video.

VV Brown - Shark in the Water
Great song writing, great production, just all around great song. Seriously listen to this track! (If you haven't noticed both Frankmusik and VV brown were featured in my July Playlist.)

Fanfarlo - The Walls Are Coming Down
Another band I featured in a Month Playlist a while back, and for good reason.

2NE1 - Fire
Another Korean girl group making catchy pop tunes!

Manchester Orchestra - I've Got friends
They've got friends in all the right places.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Around the Bend
Danish band makes soul infused indie pop, catches the eye of Steve Jobs gets featured in an ipod commercial and ends up on this list.

Royksopp Feat. Robyn - The Girl and the Robot
There are certain songs you know that you immediately like within the first 10 seconds...this is one of those songs.

Bloc Party - One More Chance
Am I biased? Hell Yeah I'm biased! This is my list...Bloc Party is one of my favorite bands...DEAL WITH IT. Ok ok...I also put this on the list because the band is going on a long hiatus possibly even breaking up (I hope not). This will be one of their last new singles for a while.

The Filthy Dukes - This Rhythm
One weird weird music video, but one seriously catchy tune.

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  1. Creepy last pic. Gonna check some of these out after exams.

    Just thought to pop by in break time. And would like to share:

    Weird video from the 90s. Apparently this band was really popular and is the one that influenced most of mainstream k-pop nowadays.
    Idn if you would like it. Some of their other stuff's interesting.

    Oh, and if you want a nice, cheerful song to smile to, check out:

    This guy's also a pretty big (older, not idol) k-artist.