December 12, 2009

TheMusicGeek's Best of the Year List 5

Although 2009 was a crappy year for me personally, it was a great year for music. Underground hip hop has made an awesome comeback, and [finally] seems to matter again! The UK has had another amazing year, producing another great crop of indie artists (although they have also seemed to have a great decade). Canadian indie acts continue to innovate, and even though Auto-Tune still dominates the top 40, musical experimentation in pop is becoming a more accepted art form. I think the most important lesson to take from 2009, is originality and authenticity are in, and imitation is out. Artists like La Roux, Wale, Lady Gaga, and Florence and the Machine (as well as countless others) have developed musical reputations not just for their talent and innovation, but for being themselves. This is the last installment of my "Best of 2009" playlist series, enjoy.

Mr Hudson
- Supernova
Kanye West may be an asshole but the guy has some serious musical talent...even with the Auto-Tune, this Kanye laced track is addictive. Although listen for Kanye feigning an English accent. Pay attention as he pronounces the word "chance" c'mon man...

Chester French - She Loves Everybody
And I sure do love this song.

Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man
As promised, this song is a requirement on this song of the year? That is debatable, although it's definitely one of my favorites.

Keri Hilson feat Kanye West and Ne-Yo - Knock You Down
you have to hand it to Miss Keri she writes and sings her own songs, and they are pretty catchy.

Tiesto feat Tegan and Sara - Feel it in My Bones
After every Tiesto post I had, I think at least one of his tracks is expected. And I must say Tegan and Sara are pretty hot's too bad I don't swing that way.

Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks
Yeah so the video is super I mentioned before. But the voice! The instrumentals they sure as hell make up for it...this song is too superb.

The Dirty Projectors
- Stillness is the Move
Yeah another seriously strange music video (what is it with indie bands and bad music vids?) although again...the voices and instrumentals are great.

Pac Div - The Mayer
2009 has been the year of the hip hop underdogs (Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Skyzoo....etc) and I couldn't be happier.

Wiz Khalifa - Name on a Cloud
Let's hope this man turns hip hop on it's head, 2010 just may be his year.

- Whachadoin?
NASA teams up with M.I.A. Spank Rock and Santigold on this crazy dance tune.

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  1. ...i've gone crazy. And old-school. But that's no new news.

    Shameless k-pop plug time:

    Tired of idol groups? (well, other than the other old stuff I've linked to you)'s something that's nowhere close to being idol-material (no offence to the group).

    I bring you: Big Mama! (you should probably see the lives, but this is their first music video):

    ...(your thing's messed up. i can't really copy-paste unless i start submitting, then editing. is it the layout?)

    ...I hope you enjoy at least. :)