December 2, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion Time.

Ok so I have a MusicGeek Facebook page to add to TheMusicGeek Twitter account, yeah I know where this is going, I'm becoming a scary desperate attention whore!!! Well let's hope not...I think I still have my head on straight...hopefully? The Twitter and Facebook both just link back to my blog, although I do put up the occasional random tweet. I still don't have a cell phone so that makes it hard to "tweet" (although I honestly find it a little silly anyways)...I should get one of those newfangled mobile devices soon, but I like living like it's 1993, minus the wardrobe of overalls and flannel.

So for your viewing pleasure...

Facebook Page

Twitter Account (again)


  1. There is nothing wrong with shameless plugs! It's how you get readers! Whenever I have a new blog, I put it on facebook with a pretty picture and everything to attract people. Ain't nothin' wrong with that.

  2. I just hope you dont get some 'creepy' people on your fb page...

  3. I was going to do shameless k-pop plugs on your wall, then realized that I'm actually posting under your name...

    Hrm. How can I do them now? *thinkthink*

    But while I'm doing that, shameless k-pop plug, yay or nay?