December 27, 2009

Natalia Kills - Zombie

Natalia Kills (formally known as Verbalicious) is trying to penetrate the US market. I think I liked her better when she was Verbalicious (you may recognize her from the M Pokora song "They Talk Shit About Me"). I dig the new song but the video is too close to Rihanna's latest effort and Kanye West's 808 and Heartbreak for comfort. I am not sure this will get a lot of air play when it's too close to the styles of Kanye and Rihanna, regardless I'm enjoying it.

Check out her older stuff:

They Talk Shit About Me


  1. i enjoyed that 'zombie' song but it reminded my too much of someone. =P
    she's good though. i like her! =^__^=
    and since i dont listen to rhianna or kanye...

  2. Yes, Justin Beiber sucks major ass hairs and so does that stupid "We're in Miami" song.

    you've got a great anti-taste in music....i don't even know if that made sense