December 26, 2009

Guilty Pleasures List 10

Yeah yeah so you might have noticed that my Guilty Pleasures list came VERY late this month but there are reasons! I started making them because EVERYONE has songs they are embarrassed they know you do. But this month I spent most of my time listening to indie folk (as you can probably tell from my recent posts) and making my end of the year lists (which YOU SHOULD check out). Anyways here you go...

After School
- Because of You
Essentially they are the South Korean version of the Pussycat Dolls, but at least everyone gets a chance to sing (seriously Nicole maybe you guys should try that...). The video is kind of's supposed to be about a boy (like all Kpop girl groups sing about) the video makes it look like it's about a girl...

Dashboard Confessional - Belle of the Boulevard
I'm a sucker for Dashboard Confessional but I still feel weird listening to him from time to time, because sometimes his songs sound too personal...almost like a letter to a loved one.

Brown Eyed Girls - Sign
Yeah my friend Emily got me addicted to this song. The track is equally as cheesy as the first After school track, but the video is way more disturbing.

Big Bang - Koe Wo Kikasete
This is from Big Bang's Japanese debut and is more ballad "like" than a lot of their K-pop stuff, it definitetely showcases the guys vocal talents especially Taeyang's and Daesung's.

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  1. I think Because of You is a great song, and there are some awesome remixes out there for it DJ Areia's is a favorite of mine. Ballad Big Bang is always great. And I can't wait until BEG ditches the sexy clothes, now that their popularity has risen maybe they can go back to wearing normal outfits like before. How I wish sex didn't sell.