May 20, 2011


Among the women in the world I have debated turning gay for, Emily Haines, Audrey Tautou, Tegan and Sara ha. Jenn Ayache from the French power pop/rock group Superbus may top the list. Anyways besides my mild bi-curious attraction towards her I am also a pretty big fan of her band (check out "Addictions" and "Lola"). Apparently they are also working on a new album which is also pretty rad. My friend Shelly posted this song on my facebook about a day ago, this "Wonderama" is a side project of Jenn's. I was sort of put off to it at first, it may be because I'm not used to her singing or talking in English...but it's growing on me, slowly. However her "English" song writing needs some work...rhyming "try" with "try" and lines like "I bet you do it like you do it when you yawn!" What? Do what when I yawn? WHAT DO YOU MEAN JENN! Anyways I've still played it like 5 times already...

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