May 24, 2011

What the Hell Dia Frampton!?

Ok so forgive me but I was just watching "The Voice" one of those post American Idol shows where singers duke it out in front of celebrity judges like Cee-lo Green and Christina Aguilera...ok so not my typical tv show (PBS was having a special on American crafts...) but I WAS BORED AND TIRED. Anyways I could barely believe my eyes when Dia Frampton came singing on stage. "Wasn't she already IN a band? Didn't she have a sister? Haven't I seen this band listed on the WARPED TOUR line up???" So anyways I was perplexed...
I have a few "Meg and Dia" songs! I liked them! Why Dia whyyyy.
 So I did a little digging...apparently the band is on hiatus now after releasing their 2009 album "Here, Here and Here" which I ironically posted on my blog wayyy back in '09. I still don't know how I feel about this...but my best guess is after Warner Brothers dropped them from their label (right after they switched from indie label Doghouse records) that they were label-less and therefore had nowhere else to turn. Then I found out that they had recorded a new record anyways...and it was released in April of 2011! So why aren't they touring? And why is Dia on the voice!? I'm still confused...


  1. Maybe they have no money?

  2. Maybe they have money and decided they would rather do advertising than music. Although, it seems that was the case during "Here, Here, and Here" too. When your represented by someone who manages 3OH!3, just how legitimate can you be? Is it just me or do they look quite a bit different from what they did in videos posted of their early work? An interesting link "", do they have it right; not that it matters other than it seems to raise questions of credibility, do they lipsync too? If you like good music check out Dirty Little Rabits, album is a couple years old but still good. And if you like good music, work to discredit anything associated with "The Voice" and bands represented by her manager.