May 18, 2011

G Dragon and Top - Good night

Forget the fact that the song blows, because it does (seriously guys I was expecting more effort). And forget the awkwardly placed English words that are pretty standard for Korean, Japanese, and most other east Asian pop songs...let's focus on the weird premise of the music video...

It starts with G Dragon and Top taking the girls back to their "pad" so they can subsequently put them to sleep...I mean the song is really boring, don't get me wrong, but literally the girls are sleeping in separate bedrooms and G Dragon and Top are staying up singing about it? Then a snake climbs into one of the girl's beds and she starts cuddling with it? I mean hey if that's how you get off that's fine I really can't imagine G Dragon satisfying you in the bedroom anyway...I've been saying this for years but I'll say it again G DRAGON COME OUT ALREADY. Anyways I think the real question I would like to pose is what are G Dragon and Top doing up together when they have two beautiful girls sleeping upstairs? I mean hey the only thing I could imagine G Dragon doing on a "sleep over" is braiding her hair and giving her wardrobe advice, but TOP! He's the only manly man in Big Bang as it is...unless...well he did recently bleach his hair blond too...god no! A secret G Dragon Top affair? Is this song about THEIR forbidden bromance/romance/sexy times? Probably not. but god I love over analyzing.

But let's not forget one of the FIRST Big Bang singles ever Haru Haru which I really really did think was about a romance between two dudes until a chick got in the way...and then I got the translated version (I actually like that many of you already know).

See the love fest between Top and G Dragon:

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