May 26, 2011

Miike Snow

Hey all - new blogger here! I'm very honoured to have been invited to write for this blog! TheMusicGeek and I share a lot of similar music tastes so hopefully this will work out well. So here we go...!

Swedish indie group Miike Snow has created perfection in sound with their first album, self-titled "Miike Snow." I love just about every song and aspect of this album, from its perfect fusion of keys and beats to its wispy yet solid vocals. There's something about Christian Karlsson's voice that really draws me in - it can be very inspiring at times, yet oh-so-sexy during others.

The sexy:

The inspirational: (FYI: "Silvia" is the Latin word for "forest.")

Their latest single (June 2010) - with a VERY strange video: The Rabbit

Can't wait to hear more from them!

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