May 4, 2011

Guilty Plasures List 13

Its finals season!!! You know what that means...guilty pleasures list 13!!! Be prepared for my deepest darkest musical sins...

Don Omar featuring Lucenzo Danza Kuduro

Yes Kuduro is a Portugese thing and this is a reggaton cover of a Portugese "Kuduro" dance song...addicting.


Um extremely embarrassing...but I still listen to it...

Shinee- Hello
I don't know what's worse the fact that this boy band dresses better than me or the fact that they are way prettier than any girl I know...
Plus they are so cutsey!!! It creeps me out, and yet I still listen to the song...a ton (puts hands in face).

Co-Ed _ Bbiribbom Bbiribbom
WHY DOES THIS LIST KEEP GETTING WORSE. But yes I like this too....

The Script - For the First Time

Super corny, I know I knowwwww

Ok ok so after humiliating myself on the internet I neeeeeeed to finish this physics lab and this last paper and a whole bunch of other long! Promise some new (cooler) stuff soon. But hey I'm a Music Geek, not a Music Snob.

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