May 18, 2011

Hipster Playlist

Being a hipster is hard. Really hard. Especially when you live in a city like Buffalo New York, where everyone is trying to out-hipster you all the time--you see we have the "New York City inferiority complex." But seriously man my glasses are prescription, I DO need them to see.

What sucks even more than being a hipster is being one of the FIRST HIPSTERS. That's right, I'm VINTAGE. I was wearing ray bans in the seventh grade...before they were cool...believe me they weren't...I hated them. I was listening to Death Cab and Bjork when I was 10 (seriously I'm not joking...) and then subsequently disowned Death Cab when they became "mainstream" with "plans" when I was 16...only to secretly listen to them in my basement cuz I couldn't bear to throw away their records...So basically I was a hipster before there was a "term" for people like me, and then when people started dressing like me and calling me this "word" I really didn't know what to do with myself. Half of me wanted to ditch my clothes and my record collection...but it was all I had ever known! I had never been part of a subculture before...especially one that I wasn't aware existed and seemed to hate me.

Ironically it was usually the people who dressed like me who called me this term of endearment...yes I'm talking about YOU lens-less ray ban hairy legged girl. Anyways I have grown to accept that this term will forever brand who I am. defining everything about me from what I wear to what I eat (here I come vegan band wagon!--don't worry I love meat wayyy too much). Anyways I am just sorta waiting out this hipster "trend" till everyone else moves on, and I can keep wearing my clothes and listening to my music, and people stop asking if I got that thing I'm wearing at American Apparel...THE ANSWER IS NO...urban outfitters.

What's even worse is that I have no hipster friends...none at all, which is why I have this blog you see. I mean who else am I gonna impose my music taste on? It's very lonely at the top of the hipster totem pole, heck being a vintage hipster is like being a vintage emo kid, people forget you were one of the first and then you become isolated from the crowd...and totally not invited to those dubstep warehouse parties. I live a sad existence.

Pete and the Pirates

A band of skinny English white boys with deep introspective lyrics...and oh yeah I listen to them a lot. Oh and don't you just love the ode to black swan in the music video? Me not so much...I actually didn't really like the movie.


Can't you just visualize yourself in an urban outfitters? Like right now? Bah I have a love/hate relationship with them....more hate than love. But I don't mind this.

Flight Facilities

The video explains it all...

Andreya Triana

So introspective. She also has a really good voice.


  1. Right, how many hipsters does it take to change a lightbulb?

    It's an obscure number and you wouldn't have heard of it.

  2. Ha. Heard that one before, but personally as a science person my favorite numbers are pi and 6.02 times ten to the 23rd oh and E! The only three numbers to actually have "calendar" holidays...

    and so totally not "mainstream"