May 20, 2011

Crystal Method is coming to Buffalo

Guess who has a 4.0 GPA? I GOTS A 4.0 GPA. I guess listening to Britney Spears and Korean pop while simultaneously writing 20 pages papers on Kufic script and studying for waves and optics tests helped. Sorry I know I never ever really display my grades anywhere, I glare at people when they ask what I get on tests in class. in fact it took me a WEEK to log into my account and check my grades I was so scared....I have crippling anxiety about them...which is probably why I was half crying when I looked (yeah I'm THAT terrified) I've thrown up before too...I know I am way to anxious for my own good...

Anyways to celebrate the sweet relief of not curling up in a ball in my bed and freaking out about what my GPA will be, I'm gonna go out and party party party, cuz CRYSTAL METHOD is in town. And god damn it I'm gonna see them tonight and get my 90s rave kid on, sans the pacifiers and weird neon bracelets.

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