May 12, 2009

Boredom Playlist

I am now settled back into my house in Buffalo. So this is a list of all the music I listen to get me through the monotony of living in the middle of nowhere.

Nada Surf - "Always Love" and "Whose Authority?" in my opinion, they are some of the best songs ever written...seriously. But then again Nada Surf is one of my favorite bands, so I'm biased.

Bloc Party - "Hunting for Witches" and "Flux" another one of my favorite bands.
PS: they are amazing in concert, go if you have a chance.

Matt Pond pa - "So Much Trouble" a beautiful song from the only chamber rock band I know of.

Buraka Som Sistema - "Yah!" I wish I could DJ parties because I would play this one every time.

Sufjan Stevens - "For all the Widows in Paradise" and "To Be Alone With You" Sufjan Stevens is one of the most talented song writers of our time, Dylan you were warned.

MGMT - "Electric Feel" An awesome make out song...

The Cribs - "Don't You Wanna be Relevant?" great dance punk band, they deserve much more press.

Le Tigre - "TKO" A great synth pop punk band from NYC its too bad they are no longer making music together.

Jem "They" I listen to this a lot when I'm doing stuff around the house.

The Mystery Jets -"Two Doors Down" Ok Ok so they are ripping off the Cure with their sound and the lead singer's Robert Smith-esque rat's nest of hair...but its a catchy song.

A Band of Horses - "Funeral" a really magical song it makes you want to get in your car at 12 am roll the windows down and drive anywhere.

My Morning Jacket - "One Big Holiday" and epic song, Southern Rock is back and with a vengeance.

TV On The Radio - "Wolf Like Me" One of my favorite tunes, definitely a regular on my mp3.

Lily Allen - "Smile" when I have boy problems I turn to this song.

Santigold - "Lights Out" Its only a matter of time before she blows up like M.I.A.

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