July 1, 2010

July Playlist

I Blame Coco - Selfmachine
Of all the female newcomers this year, I Blame Coco definitely came in with the most bang. Featuring Robyn on her first release (Caesar) and now taking her electronic tinged sound to new heights on "self machine."

Ramona Falls - Russia
Ok ok so this isn't new at all! Well it isn't new to you if you have been following my blog for a while, however the video for this song is. And I suggest you watch it, because it is very well done. I also must say that this album is superb and completely underrated (you may remember them from my 'best of 2009' posts).

EastStrikeWest - Stumble
This was sent to me by my friend Darien who writes the blog "The New Noise" and I suggest you check this out and then go his blog and preview the album!

MGMT - It's Working (Air Remix)
I find MGMT's last album to be one of the most over-promoted, over-hyped albums of the year, but I really do dig this remix done by the French electro pop artists Air.

Fol Chen - Cable TV
Weird? Check. Awkward music video? Check. but strangely that is the appeal of this song...

Fanfarlo - Harlod T. Wilkins
You may also remember the song "The Walls are Coming Down" from my best of 2009 list, and they were pretty much under the radar last year, but just like Mumford and Sons, Marina and the Diamonds, Ellie Goulding...and a ton of other British bands I profiled last year they are quickly gaining exposure. This song isn't exactly "new" either, but I think it's a good reminder that they are still around.

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  1. yes, to me the dancing seemed a little awkward for this kind of video. addicting song though!