July 14, 2010

The Good Natured - Your Body is a Machine (Zebra and Snake remix)

The original song is intense enough (and will be posted below) but this remix off of the prestigious and ultra trendy Kistsune Maison compilation disc (I forget which volume!!!) is a lighter and even dancier version. I am pretty addicted to this version as well as a ton of other tracks off the kitsune maison compilation albums which my friend Shelly intoduced me to over the weekend. Kitsune Maison is a French electronic music label that releases a yearly compliation album of (obviously) electro music, artists featured on these albums have included Beni, MSTRKRFT, Bloc Party, The Drums, friendly Fires, CSS, and a ton of more mainstream and obscure acts. It's quite an enjoyable mixture of catchy dance tunes as well as the experimental, and just plain weird..."I Wish I Was a Polar Bear" anyone? Check it out.


  1. I wish I was a polar bear
    In the cold arctic
    Then I wouldn't have to cry anymore
    Everything would be so clear

    Ridiculous. but catchy. :D

  2. cool music! is that you in the photos on you tube? :)