May 26, 2010

Ear Candy: Mash up between Korean Pop Jams and American pop Anthems

This album mashes up South Korean songs that I have (probably) posted on a guilty pleasure list or two with American pop and alternative rock staples. It's pretty awesome...

01. Lolliphone 2 (Big Bang vs. Lady Gaga)
02. Run Up Run (Girls’ Generation vs. Muse)
03. Try To Say Aha (2NE1 vs. Santigold)
04. Wanna A Rude Boy (KARA vs. Rihanna)
05. Yours and I (Park Bom vs. Jason Mraz)
06. We Walk Because Of You (After School vs The Ting Tings)
07. Smooth Criminal Is Coming (Rain vs. Michael Jackson)
08. Because I’m Beautiful (SS501 vs. Akon)
09. One At A Time (TaeYang vs. Justin Bieber)
10. Sorry, Smells Like Easy Ding Dong (U-KISS vs. SHINee vs. Super Junior vs. Nirvana)
11. Burning Abracadabra FIRE (Brown Eyed Girls vs. 2NE1 vs. Sean Kingston)

link is below.

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