March 9, 2010

MUSE! Possibly the most epic concert of my life.

Ok so I completely missed the opening act, The Silversun Pickups which was quite disappointing (Well I did catch "Panic Switch" and "Lazy Eye" sorta...) however if I didn't miss Silversun Pickups, I wouldn't have gotten...PLATINUM SEATING! Oh yes foks I got spitting distance from the band...well throwing distance, and it's all because my friend Shelly bought tickets from "Live nation" whom apparently sold a ton of duplicate tickets...yeah that was kinda a bummer. So essentially to appease us the management at the Air Canada Centre had to seat us somewhere, so we got some of the best seats in the house! And boy does Muse live up to their name as possibly one of the best live acts to date. They opened with "Uprising" and wasted no time, barreling through song after song. My favorites were definietly "Super Massive Black Hole", "Time is Running Out", "Stockholm Syndrome", Knights of Cyodonia" and the great impromptu jam sessions they had in the middle and at the finale of the concert. The vocal range of the lead singer as well as the collection of instruments they play (even harmonica) is quite astounding. Pictures are posted below courtesy of Shelly. The only OTHER disappointment was my failure to get a "Resistance" poster...they were all sold out, I may just cave and buy it online against my better judgment.

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